When given our module brief 'brand futures', we were asked to improve Topshops footfall with an innovative idea that no other retailer in Cardiff was doing. As a pair myself and Dom Edwards came up with the idea of fitting rooms innovation allowing the customer to check out at the fitting room, from our studies we found that this increase profit as consumers were less likely to put something down when walking from the fitting room to the checkout.  The idea also increase profits as it allowed Topshop to cut down on staff as the fittings rooms featured self checkouts. The fitting rooms were also redesigned to be more functional as this will increase people's interest to shop in store than online. This idea was pitched to Topshop in which they loved and took to head office. By presenting this idea and getting positive feedback it gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual as well as becoming more professional in my work. It was nice to be recognised for my work and my innovative ideas, it was very interesting to see how my actions could make a company better and increase sales.

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