As my love for fashion buying continues I decided as my final module I would dedicate my final module towards buying. For this module I came up with the brand suave. An overview of Suave is that it is a  concept store located in Bristol where it is the spot to go to for male grooming products. As the market for men's grooming products continuously grows I thought it would be a great opportunity to create a hypothetical brand that caters to the male grooming industry. This store is a small Boutique that offers nothing but luxury. Brands are featured in the store such as Tom Ford, Clinique and Chanel. What products are for sale you may ask? well at Suave we have a large range of men specific make up products such as Boy De Chanel, Calvin Klein makeup for men and many more. We also stock skincare also male specific as well as hair and beard products.  I thoroughly enjoyed this module as it gave me the feeling of actually being a buyer when creating the Range plan really taking into consideration the customers wants. I hope you enjoy looking through suave.

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