Otm microcosmetics is a brand  that was set up by myself and a good friend. OTM Microcosmetics is a functioning brand which specialises in beauty cosmetics. This project was my final major project and my work for this brand was extremely important in making OTM a success within the market. When working for OTM I created all branded content which is seen within my brand guidelines booklet. I creating a functional website and social media platforms which is featured in my digital deliverable booklet. You can also see how I created a marketing strategy when I created an SOSTAC that is also featured in my marketing strategy booklet. When working with OTM I was on a commission basis and was aware that my success within the brand would make me money. When working with the brand it really allowed me to put all my skills to the test that I have learnt on my degree. It has been a really great experience working with OTM as a marketing consultant but has made me more aware that fashion buying is more suited towards me and my work for my future career within the fashion industry.

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