Here you can see a PDF file of my assortment and range plan of backpacker. Backpacker was formed from my module studied at University of South Wales, the module brief was looking at buying and merchandise in which I extremely enjoyed. The brief was to create a concept store that featured the brand Patagonia. I became aware of the missed opportunities within the retail market when it came to travel gear, when going away there was never a store that came to mind where I could shop for example clothing, toothbrushes, sunglasses, sunscreen and and even beach bags. I wanted a store that stocks pretty much every essential that is needed when going away on a trip. Not only that but everything that is stocked at backpacker is all eco-friendly. As our planet is in dire need it is important that we become aware of our waste in products, it is important that we start to reach for better products for the environment such as eco-friendly stocked at backpacker. Within this module I made sure I was aware of what I was purchasing as well as making a gross profit as there would need to be money left over to pay for the rent. The backpacker store would be located in Cardiff Airport being the prime spot for travellers that have forgotten last minute essentials for their trip. Within this model I also consider branding such as logos, staff uniform and packaging, every aspect of this project was thoroughly thought out and had every detail to become a functional store that could work in real life. I extremely enjoyed this project as it allowed me to really experiment with in buying and merchandising.

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