Hi, my name is Jade Miles, I’m 22 years old and I live in Port Talbot.

A small note (pardon the pun); I'm 4ft 9 but as William Shakespeare said: "though she be but little, she is fierce”. 


Ask anyone and they will tell you I am the responsible one, any issues arise and they’ll come to me because I am a problem solver, want something done; Jade can do that. Being a team leader in most activities when growing up allowed me to take leadership and mature into a responsible adult I am now. My interest in fashion marketing and retail design sparked from my creative background. I just can’t live a life without a bit of creativity. 


Through my studies at the University of South Wales, I have developed my knowledge enormously. I have come to understand that my work is my way of expressing my development through life. I have worked on key modules such as fashion buying and merchandising where I created an assortment and range plan -this gave me the knowledge I can take on to become an assistant buyer 


Being a fashion buyer has always been my main goal from when I began university. It caters to both sectors I’m very passionate about, my creative side which is useful from picking key colours, materials, and patterns for each session. Fashion buying also allows me to showcase the professional business side I have developed on over the years, negotiation and taking lead of a team to create an end goal which is creating new innovative fashion. Being the best in the trade is what I strive for. I would describe myself as extremely organised with my work you could even say it’s a talent.


From my work experience at peacocks, I learned so much by simply shadowing the buyers. I got to learn about the everyday routine from supply meetings, sorting pp items, replying to emails as well as updating the critical path. through my experience at peacocks it became very apparent to me that this is what I was meant to do with my life.


Work Experience

OTM Microcosmetics 
Marketing Consultant

2018 - 2019

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing all branded material such as logo and graphics

  •  In charge of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook where I do all the promotional material

  •  Designed Website as well as updating content with a content table to keep on track

  • Making a marketing strategy that includes customer profile, SOSTAC, Business Model Canvas as well as Value Proposition Canvas

  • Buying from suppliers for stock at the clinic

  • Keeping in communication with the staff at OTM as market research

  • Created promotional material such as business cards, Loyalty cards and car magnets. 

Assistant Buyer - Shadowing


Duties and Responsibilities

  • I undertook meetings with suppliers looking at new fabrics and patterns suppliers have to offer. While taking notes of the meeting.

  • Attended fittings with the models and garment technologist to understand how to improve on the sizing of the garment before going into production.

  • I created benchmarks looking at Peacocks competitors and what they have that Peacocks do not as well as looking at pricing and how to improve. 

  • Updated the critical path daily 

  • Created New-in reports also looking at competitors and seeing what new styles Peacocks are missing. 

  • Created Store reports from competitors around Cardiff which was then presented to the team on a Monday morning where we spoke about sales of the garments. 

  • Helped sort PP items, putting them on racks for the garment tech to have on hand for any alterations. 

  • Sorted through parcels and sent off parcels to suppliers

  • Answering phone calls and emails  



2016 / 2019

University of South Wales
Fashion Marketing & Retail Design 

At my time at the University of South Wales I have grown as a person tremendously. I went into Fashion Marketing and Retail Design simply loving fashion where as I am leaving my degree completely engrossed within the fashion industry. All the modules that I studied while at University have made more aware of the fashion market. I have learned a great amount of importance when it comes to the consumer market when i studied  'Consumer Behavior' as a module on my course. The main areas that I succeeded within my degree was colour and trend forecasting looking at WGSN, Fashion Branding and helping aid ASOS Pop-up store. Fashion in context where i analysed the fashion industry. And finally, Fashion Buying and Merchandising where I created two concept stores 'BackPacker' and 'Suave'. The University Of South Wales gave me the opportunity to work alongside brands such as Peacocks where I shadowed the head buyers in head office, this gave me a great deal of insight within the Buying Industry that I can take forward after my degree. As well as working alongside Topshop where I got to develop the fitting rooms for the Cardiff store to increase footfall, When pitching this to head office it gave me a great deal of insight as well as developing on my communicational skills and professionalism. When studying at The University of South Wales the lecturers would always offer support with my desired career field of Fashion Buying and help link me with new people within the industry. This then made me from a student to becoming the professional business women I am today. 

2015 / 2016

University Trinity Saint David 

Foundation Art & Design 

Studying my foundation degree in art and design really gave me an understanding of where I wanted to go with in my career. The course was very free in what you could do which allowed me to specialise in what I loved the most which is fashion. Being on the course allowed me to visit art gallerys (which I love) and really educate myself on the creative industry. The course also featured other creative subjects such as photography, graphics, and architecture which I participated to give me a wide amount of knowledge for me to take fourth on to my Fashion Marketing and Retail Design degree. Studying at a foundation level really helped me prepare myself for university. From foundation, i learned time management and communicational skills when having to present work in front of peers. It was an overall great experience that helped me gain much more knowledge of the creative industry and over all helps define me and my work for my career ahead. 


Contact Me.

Port Talbot, SA12 7RT 


Email: jademiles1997@gmail.com
Tel: 07955769247

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